Our consulting services consist of strategy, planning, strategic technology partnerships, business partnerships for high growth publishers and advertising technology companies around the globe.   Our integrated marketing strategy and approach has resulted in excellent results for our partners.

Hawk Ventures is your premier digital consultancy specializing in digital advertising technology. We provide senior-level professionals in Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Ad operations, and many other outsourced solutions for Publishers, Ad Tech Firms, Agencies, and Brands.

Cutting-edge monetization solutions for publishers, websites, mobile, and apps. (CTV & OTT) By combining industry-leading technology, data partnerships with massive scale, we enable site and app builders to seamlessly partner to maximize revenue. 

Utilizing or building new technology that creates efficiencies while generating more revenue opportunities with the right strategic content, programmatic set ups & monetization partnerships. 

Have worked with partners around the globe including in India, Israel, Norway, APAC, Australia and France. 

Latest from our Team

Our Partners-


Signed partners HV is currently working with from our discussion

https://www.intowow.com/   GAM- AI technology that updates pricing to increase yield by 30-50%

Direct sales tools and 400 local publishing groups with 800 sites


Health and Wellness sections- 


Proposal out to them for Video and bringing best of bread vendors to help monetize existing set up


Cookies data partner that allows for us to segment audiences with the ability to set up PMP’s across our partner network (great for Direct)  Working through relationships and how we can approach our whole local network of sites.

Affiliate Partners

Header bidding wrapper partner

Video- Have various player options depending on scenario

Gannett Video Demand- have 100% fill tag for $8

Services Include: 

Custom Header Bidding Sales 

Our team will formulate a custom way for you to get access to our fantastic local market inventory.  You can pick a category, vertical, topic and we can set you up to purchase on a deal id, pmp or direct IO. We can create a header bidder solution to be designed specifically for your programmatic sales agency.

We work with sites, using the latest version of pre-bid. Once all the major media buyers, agencies, complete, direct SSP accounts in your name trading desks, and demand sources in the will be onboarded and automated reporting industry to create deals directly between generations. 

sites and advertisers. 

Ad server and Platform Migrations Currently using a managed AdOps service that requires you to use their ad server or SSP relationships? No problem! We can get you set up on your own ad server and secure you your own SSP accounts as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Monetization strategies We specialize in getting the most revenue out of every page-view without disrupting your user experience. We can often provide lift by helping you create new inventory on existing pages and traffic. 

SSP contract renegotiations Let us help you get better rates and receive more of the ad revenue that is rightfully yours, not an SSPs. We can reduce rates and fees by as much as 25%. 

Ad Trafficking We have a seasoned ad ops team who can handle any and all ad trafficking requests, be it direct sales, custom integrations, video or mobile. 

Told you were too small for an SSP? HV can get smaller publishers access to premium demand based on our relationships with the industry’s top performing SSPs. 

Reporting Is pulling reporting from multiple sources consuming valuable hours of your day? We have a team of specialists who will compile all of your programmatic data in to simple easy to read reports, allowing you the time to focus on core responsibilities within your business. 

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Other related services we can provide-

Digital Interactions

Through a deep understanding of our audience’s makeup and motivations, we design digital experiences that connect with people.





Engineering Quality

When it comes time to start writing code, we aim to do the simplest thing possible in the shortest amount of time to deliver the most business value.





Branding Strategy

We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.





Hawk Ventures – Helping Our Partners SOAR!