Broadstreetads –

Broadstreetads is the only ad manager built specifically for direct, digital ad sales and native content sales. We help you win sales. Clients include newspapers, city magazines, industry publications, and radio broadcasters. Broadstreet’s mission is to bring financial sustainability and prosperity to independent local news, magazine, and niche media. We are a revenue-focused creative, support, and technical team that works tirelessly for our clients in doing everything in our area of expertise to help them succeed. Our vision is to become the absolute best platform available for digital display ad differentiation and sales.


ParkAve from Broadstreetads technology that both creates efficiency and increases direct digital advertising sales. Any digital sales team can utilize these unique tools and immediately improve the pipeline, sales process all by creating remarkable, unique custom ad formats in every responsive size, and then demonstrate this to ad clients live online or on any of your website properties.